Unglove Your Stoke Today!

The HOTTEST Pool Glove on the Market!

All the benefits of a glove - none of the drawbacks!

The Unglove isn’t a Glove

Cut To Length

The Unglove is the only glove designed to fit ALL Players

Nothing to wear out

It only covers the essential parts so there is nothing to wear out

Perfectly Smooth

Even with an open bridge you've got coverage

The Glove that isn't a Glove

It only does what it’s supposed to do, and nothing more! Nothing to wear out or trap the heat.

Free Your Stroke!

The HOTTEST Pool Glove on the Market!

Hear from others just like you . . .

It wasn’t about sweaty palms for me, it was about a ding in my shaft. It sucks in more ways than one. With the Unglove I don’t feel it, no more distraction

James H

Verified Owner

Never been able to use a standard glove, and hate to always fool with powder. This has solved all problems. I keep at least 2 with me at all times just in case I set one down and need it! Love Them!!

John Waldorf

Verified Owner

I was not a glove person, period. Cold hands in the snow I don’t like gloves. The Unglove is different. You forget it’s on your hand. I have gotten home and realized I had not taken it off. Cue movement is improved over a naked hand and god forbid powders on your hand. Also very well made product. The present glove I use is getting close to 2 years old. If you haven’t tried the Unglove do and be pleasantly surprised.

Tony Lehman

Verified Owner

Excellent Product !!! I have never liked wearing a glove because they are bulky. The Unglove, is NOT like that, it is barely noticeable while shooting. Great product. I would recommend this product to everyone who plays billiards .

Paul Cogle

Verified Owner

I hate those conventional gloves and fingerwrap is what I am looking for.
Great product, fast and free shipping, wonderful offer, and excellent seller.


Verified Owner

Great product, been wearing a glove for years and tried the unloved last week, won’t go back to regular glove. Fit and feel is great.

Justin B

Verified Owner

Stop wasting money on gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambidextrous AND One Size Fit All? Well…. Close Anyways…

Traditional gloves have this horrible way of not fitting. They’re either too small, too big and if you’re a lefty, well your choices are limited. Can you say “Ambidextrous”? (Thank goodness for spellcheck)

While nothing can ever truly be a one size fits all solution, we’ve worked hard over the years to get it as close as humanly possible.

On that note… if it doesn’t fit, we’ll replace it with one that does, just get in touch.

Estimated Delivery Times

The Unglove is made local in the USA and is shipped via USPS within 24hrs of purchase. Normal delivery times are 3-5days.

After you placed your order you should have gotten a confirmation email. Following that email, after it was shipped, you should have received a second email confirming shipment which includes your tracking number.

Furthermore, if you elected to create an account when you made your purchase you can log into your account and in your order details there will be a tracking service link. 

Contact us! We’ll get you taken care of.

Return Policy

Returning a $12-$15 product doesn’t make much sense. What does make sense is just sending you a replacement if necessary.

The Unglove carries a Size Guarantee. Got an issue? Just contact us and we’ll take care of it. Did you buy it from one our dealers? Contact us, we’ll take care of you. We stand behind our product 100%.

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